Factsheet - Web Accessibility

The Internet provides the majority of consumers with endless information and the ability to make seamless transactions. However, an estimated 1 billion people live with disabilities that often bar them from enjoying the full range of features our digital society offers. Brands that do not embrace accessibility and provide tools to help even the disabled browse effectively risk excluding a...

Mobilegeddon – Tempest in a Swimming Pool

By: Roland Campbell, Director of Solution Engineering   Like many hyped tech problems, Mobilegeddon was more media frenzy than disaster. Mobilegeddon was a name given to the search ranking change Google announced on March 21st. For the first time Google was very detailed in the specifications for the impact of its new search algorithm.  If you did not have a “mobile friendly” site, your search...

Industry Bites | June 2015

In this issue, take a look at the holiday shopping forecast for 2015, the opportunity in holiday retail for wearables and mobile payments, and the significance of "mobile friendly."

Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Optimizing the Web for All

Whether seeking a last minute flight or browsing a favorite retailer’s selections, the Internet provides the majority of consumers with endless information and the ability to make swift, seamless transactions. However, an estimated 1 billion people live with disabilities that often bar them from enjoying the full range of features our digital society offers. In the US alone, 74.6 million people...

Web Accessibility - Infographic

Disability affects millions of families worldwide. This doesn’t stop 38% of Americans with disabilities surf the web, however 20% of them say that their impairment makes web browsing challenging.  This is why organizations should prioritize the accessibility of their digital experiences, to make them available to everyone. View our infographic for more info and tips to   make your website...

Industry Bites | May 2015

In this issue, learn why multichannel performance remains a top priority, how to apply B2C best practices to B2B mobile strategies, and what the near-term potential may be for wearables.

Industry Bites | April 2015

In this issue, learn about the current state of m-commerce abandonment worldwide, explore the effects and ramifications of cart abandonment across industries and get tips on improving UX for conversion optimization.

Retail Touchpoints Interview

  Mobile has unlocked countless opportunities for brands to reach their customers in new and creative ways. At the same time, it has challenged marketers to find the budget and resources to publish campaigns on a variety of different channels. The advent of mobile has meant that marketers must publish more complex campaigns on a faster development timeline. With a mobile marketing tool...

How to Be Ready for Google's Mobile-friendly Ranking

On April 21, Google will start to rank search results based on the mobile-friendliness of the site. Are you ready for this important change? In short, here's what you need to know about the new ranking approach: Mobile sites must allow the GoogleBot to crawl the mobile site  All pages on the site need to be mobile-friendly (I.e. Viewport is set)   Websites not properly optimized for mobile will be...

To no one’s surprise, mobile is a major aspect of “The Digital Economy”

“Personal computers might have heralded the rise of the digital economy, but it is mobile devices – principally smartphones – that have sent it into another dimension, helping to embed technology into almost every aspect of our lives.”   This blunt, unarguable statement forms the opening of the lead article in a special report called “The Digital Economy,” which appeared as a supplement in The...

What Travelers Really Want From Their Mobile Experience

Nobody travels without their smartphone, but to what extent do travelers truly rely on their mobile devices when researching their trips, booking their flights and accommodations, traveling to their destinations, enjoying their trip, and sharing the experience after they return home? The answer, as it turns out, is complex, encompassing both the diverse emotional states that people are in at every...

A Look at the State of Mobile in 2015

With mobile adoption growing and mobile sales making up larger portions of retail revenue year-over-year, it is clear that mobile is disrupting how users behave in personal and transactional settings. The vast majority of consumers today own a smartphone and carry it at all times, relying on their mobile devices for everything from personal entertainment to online shopping. Usablenet’s newest...

6 Tips: How to Design for Traveler Emotions On Mobile

In the last year, travel ranked as the second largest U.S. growing industry, in which time we've seen traveler behaviors rapidly change on mobile. Through current UX research, we uncovered six emotional states the traveler goes through, and corresponding UX actions brands can take to improve the experience. Download our Checklist for tips on how your brand can design better for traveler emotion...

Industry Bites | February 2015 | Issue 2

In this issue, read about consumer demands for mobile-first strategies, B2B brands' shortcomings on mobile and modern mobile travelers' expectations. twttr.conversion.trackPid('l5lp2', { tw_sale_amount: 0, tw_order_quantity: 0 });

3 Lessons for Mobile Business Success

By: Julian King (Senior VP of Marketing and Corporate Development, Xoom)   Nine years ago, I first used a web application to send money to my mother overseas. From San Francisco, I was able to select an amount and destination in a few clicks of the mouse, and in two hours my mother had cash delivered to her door in Kingston, Jamaica. At the time, this was technologically amazing and the pinnacle...

Industry Bites | February 2015 | Issue 1

In this performance-themed issue, read about retailers' lackluster performance on mobile, why current brand experiences are dampening mobile users' enthusiasm, and how brands can leverage cart abandonment.

How to Ask for Performance as a Requirement

By: Roland Campbell, Director of Solutions Engineering, Usablenet   Every marketer or product owner knows the challenge of increasing conversion, order value or channel revenue across any or all digital properties. Accomplishing the goal of driving the right metrics up, and eliminating the causes of poor experiences that lead to bounce rates or cart abandonments often require a spectrum to actions...

Industry Bites - January 2015

In this issue, read about: mobile predictions for 2015, the future of the IoT phenomenon, and the tremendous growth of task-oriented app usage.

Industry Bites - December 2014

In this issue, read about: mobile's success on Black Friday weekend, holiday travelers' frustrations on mobile and the predicted trajectory for wearables.

U-Campaign demo

Usablenet created U-Campaign to give brands the flexibility to create mobile and multichannel campaigns and update content as needed. Watch this short video for an idea of how U-Campaign can enhance your marketing and mobile strategies.