Internet’s rebirth on mobile

Yesterday, the Internet turned 25 years old! In just a quarter of a century, we’ve seen it drive incredible changes in access and consumption of information, products and experiences. Most recently, the Internet has gone mobile with consumers accessing it on smaller and varied screens. To celebrate that shift to mobile and all that is to come, we’ve tracked changes in mobile usage and consumer behavior and turned it into a handy infographic!

- Every year, the number of global mobile devices and connections increases exponentially. In 2013, there were 7 billion connections – equivalent to the world’s population!
- Consumers desire mobility when shopping – more retail time is spent on their mobile and tablet devices than on their desktop.
- Screen real estate is an important factor in shopping behavior. With more space for inspirational imagery and engagement, tablets inspire discovery and drive transaction – even more than smartphones.
- Consumers reveal distinct preferences for when they complete tasks on mobile web versus apps. Research and reviews are more frequently conducted on mobile web, whereas users prefer the individual experience of an app for entertainment and sensitive tasks – such as mobile banking and money transfer.

The Internet is ubiquitous and a daily essential we carry around in the palm of our hands. When the Internet was born, it had a distinct place and time. Now, just two decades later, consumers are constantly connected with new expectations. For specific insights on the numbers of people researching, reviewing and buying on mobile, download our infographic.

Coming up next is a companion infographic that features consumer behavior on mobile in the UK – stay tuned!

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